WHALE BAY Colombian Supremo Whole Bean Coffee


World renowned and highly distinctive, Colombian Supremo whole bean coffee is a classic artisan roast brought to you by Whale Bay.

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Colombian Supremo Whole Bean Coffee

The Colombian Supremo bean is a unique, larger sized excelso beans, provide a full-bodied character making for a sweet, bold, smooth, and robust taste. These quality, fresh roasted Supremo beans possess a perfect balance of caramel sweetness and mellow acidity, with subtle nutty undertones rounding out its palatable flavor.

BEANS: USDA ORGANIC, Single Sourced, Kosher, and Direct Trade

COFFEE ORIGIN: 100% Arabica – Organic Single Origin Colombian Supremo (extra large sized coffee beans for maximum flavor)


TASTE PROFILE: Bright acidity, sweet-toned, rich coffee flavor with a heady aroma

WHALE BAY craft roasted coffees are carefully selected by our team and dedicated small batch roaster to deliver the highest quality coffee and enjoyment to our customers. Each of our coffees are 100% organic Arabica and are certified Organic by the USDA. Our coffee beans are sourced directly from the growers building mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with individual producers and cooperatives. “This ensures the highest levels of quality and helps more people around the world get a fair living wage”. To ensure long-lasting freshness all of our coffees are delivered in resealable packaging.


Whale Bay is carefully curated for java lovers from all walks of life. The passion we exude for what we deliver is evident in the end product: a perfectly-smooth, evenly-roasted cup each and every time. We are committed to delivering that perfect roast to ensure a premium coffee drinking experience. Our assortment of bold, rich flavors come in different strengths and roasts. Sip it slow or grab one on the go, enjoy it hot or over ice. We are here to make your day extraordinary.


Our family formed Whale Bay to help support the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. As a family, we have enjoyed watching the amazing wildlife from migrating gray whales, majestic humpbacks to those wonderfully furry sea otters for over 50 years now. We feel that it is extremely important to protect these extraordinary ocean habitats for generations to come, so a portion of each sale will be donated to the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary.

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