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How Many Calories in Black Coffee

how many calories in black coffee

Calories Answered

This week’s article “How Many Calories in Black Coffee” in the DAILY COFFEE NEWS by Thomas Chandler answers this question. Over the past year of COVID-19, many of us have put on some additional unwanted weight. Has our coffee consumption contributed to that? Now the article talks about black coffee, not that which is loaded with our favorite flavor enhancers and cream. That might counteract the benefits described in the article. Most folks rightfully think that the calorie count in black coffee is pretty low, but there may be an added bonus.

Is it the Caffeine?

Well, as explained by Chandler, yes “the answer is caffeine”. A regular 8 ounce cup of coffee contains about 5 calories but it also contains about 100 milligrams of caffeine. These 100 milligrams of caffeine stimulate the metabolism which causes us to burn an extra “75 to 150 calories”. That works out to a negative 70 to 145 calories. As a popular commercial suggest “Eat the food, lose the weight”. In this case, drink coffee (black of course), get skinny. There is a caution here, if overdone like most things it might not bring the results desired. Check out the article.

Have a Cup of Coffee

So in conclusion, the next time you wonder “How Many Calories in Black Coffee” go ahead, have another. From a calorie point of view, It can’t hurt and might even help to fit into that pair of jeans. For great tasting black coffee try our Colombian Supremo, either ground or whole bean. We think you will like it as we do.

* Photo by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels