Cold Brew How To – Create a Sweet, Smooth Experience

Cold Brew How To – It’s Not Iced Coffee

Woman pouring milk into mason jar with cold brew coffee

As the title implies, making cold brew coffee is not a matter of pouring hot brewed coffee over ice. That is iced coffee and the results are completely different. Cold brewed coffee has half the acidity of traditional brewed coffee, can be served hot or cold and for that morning or afternoon kicker, it has three times the caffeine. The coffee will be sweeter, smoother and a bit easier on the stomach.

Of any of the brewing methods, cold brewed coffee is the most straight forward. It can brewed in a couple of different ways, one using a French press and the other what we are showing here is with a Mason jar. If you don’t have one of those at home any glass container will do but make sure there is no residual odor from whatever was previously in it.

Cold Brew – The Ratio

This is easy, there is not much science involved here and weighing is not necessary. A four to one ratio will do the trick. So for a 16oz Mason jar, add 4 ounces of ground coffee. That’s a half-cup.

Grind the Beans

For all coffee preparations, start with a great bean and roast such as our Colombian Supremo. For this process, a grind in the course range is desired to get the full extraction of the sweeet flavors and then pour it through a cheesecloth or a fine mesh sieve to remove the sediment. We recommend a burr grinder to ensure consistency and control over the grind. Experiment with the exact course setting to achieve the desired results.

Add Water & Coffee

Pour 16 ounces of filtered water into the Mason jar and add the coffee. Stir so that all of the grounds are saturated.

Let it Sit

Patience is key. Cover the jar with the lid and place in the fridge. Overnight will work. After 12 to 18 hours, strain the coffee through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth. Now it’s ready to use for your favorite drink, hot or cold. A 50/50 ratio ice, water or milk to the brew is recommended but can be adjusted to you particular taste. What you don’t drink can be stored in the fridge in the Mason jar for up to one week without changing the taste.

Create your favorite drink beyond the traditional such as a smoothie, coffee soda, milk shake or an adult beverage. It’s also great in ice cream, cake recipes or other baked treats; the list is endless.