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Coffee May Reduce Heart Failure Risk by 5-30%

drinking coffee may reduce heart failure

Major Study Suggests

Increased consumption of coffee may reduce heart failure as described in a DAILY COFFEE NEWS article by Nick Brown. This article points to the meta-analysis recently published in American Heart Association journal that found “that drinking one or more cups of caffeinated coffee per day may be associated with a significantly decreased risk of heart failure”. There seems to be continued good news for coffee; is it a magic elixir?

The article describes the analysis from three major studies covering a ten year period involving more than 21,000 adults. The studies found that drinking one cup of coffee a day reduced the risk of heart failure from 5-12% and for those drinking two or more cups as much as 30%.

Heart Healthy Dietary Pattern

Even though the studies have been extensive and taken place over fairly long period of time, cause and effect has not been clearly established. However a Penn State cardiologist said that coffee in moderation can be part of a health dietary pattern with the caveat it is consumed without added sugar and cream. The potential added benefit from drinking caffeinated coffee comes in the wake of other studies indicating improved brain function, some protection against prostate and colon cancer, improved bone health, and prevention of type 2 diabetes . Check it out the for more details on the health effects of coffee.

Try That Second Cup

With the possibility that drinking coffee may reduce heart failure, give a second cup a try. Our Colombian Supremo Organic Coffee makes a delicious cup; give it a try. It also makes a great Cold-Brew.