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Blueberry Muffin & Coffee

blueberry muffin with cup of whale bay coffee

Can you resist the warm sweetness of a blueberry muffin with a cup of dark rich coffee? It is one of our favorites. While muffins may not be the healthiest on the menu, who knows by adding blueberries a superfood, they just might have a healthy effect. Blueberries seem to be able to help with heart disease, diabetes management, mental health and maintaining healthy skin and bones. Add some coffee with it’s benefits and you may have created a healthy meal.

July 11th – National Blueberry Muffin Day

It seems that back in pilgrim times, the folks discovered blueberries as a substitute for bilberries. Not too sure what bilberries are but blueberries added to your favorite muffin recipe makes a delicious morning treat. In recognition of this delicious treat, July 11th has been name National Blueberry Muffin Day.

Pick some up at your local bakery or favorite coffee shop. You can also try your hand at baking them. There are endless recipes on the web about blueberry muffins but one of our favorites is Paula Deen’s Blueberry Muffins and the video is fun to watch. Prep and cooking is only a little over 30 minutes. Pop them out, spread some butter add coffee and enjoy!

There seems to be some debate over fresh versus dried blueberries. Paula’s recipe calls for fresh blueberries. I think I will stick with that. What do you think?

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WHALE BAY Selects Sendle as it’s Logistic Partner

In an effort to provide consistent and reliable shipping support for it’s products, WHALE BAY recently selected Sendle as it’s logistics and shipping partner. Sendle is an Australian based logistics company that has recently entered the U.S. market focusing on the western states. While Sendle supports shipments throughout the U.S. with a delivery commitment of 1-4 days, in the western U.S., using it’s Sendle Swift service, we are able to provide 2-day priority shipping to our customers.

Our customers will enjoy reliable priority shipment of their packages at no additional charge. In addition, our customers can be assured that WHALE BAY is continuing to find ways to help improve and sustain our surrounding environment. Sendle provides 100% carbon neutral delivery. For each delivery, the carbon emissions produced are offset by it’s carbon neutral projects, sustaining some of the earth’s great natural resources.

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Pumpkin Spice Coffee

pumpkin spice coffee latte

It’s October and the holiday season is starting. What’s better the than to kick it off with a great cup of Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Here is our favorite for creating this holiday treat. It not only gives your coffee that special holiday taste in aroma, it is incredibly easy to make. It’s just one more small step in the coffee brewing process.

What is Pumpkin Spice?

Well it is not pumpkin. It is the spice that turns that orange bland squash into tasty and wonderful smelling things we identify with the holiday season. The spice, which is the combination of several spices has been around for more than 200 years. What would pumpkin pie taste like without it? It is incredibly easy to make and you probably already have the five spices in your cabinet to put it together.

spices for creating pumpkin spice coffee

Pumpkin Spice Mix

  • 3 Tablespoons (tbs) cinnamon
  • 2 Teaspoons (tps) nutmeg
  • 2 Teaspoons (tps) ginger
  • 1 ½ Teaspoons (tps) cloves
  • 1 ½ Teaspoons (tps) allspice

If you like to weigh things out here, try this:

  • 18 Parts cinnamon
  • 4 Parts nutmeg
  • 4 Parts ginger
  • 3 Parts cloves
  • 3 Parts allspice

This should give you enough spice mix for several cups of coffee. We suggest starting with 1 teaspoon of spice mix to 20 grams of ground coffee, then adjust to your taste preference. Just mix it into the grounds before you start brewing and let the brew system take care of the rest.

Of course the most important ingredient in this is to start with a great coffee. Each of our USDA certified organic coffees are roasted to perfection. Adding the Pumpkin Spice mix to the coffee only enhances the flavor and aroma. All ingredients are natural unlike you might find at your local coffee shop. Give it a try let us know what you think.

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WHALE BAY Coffee served at the 2021 Sea Stars Brunch

humpback whale mother and calf
a group of sea stars

For the annual 2021 Monterey Bay Foundation Sea Stars Brunch, WHALE BAY is providing its Colombian Supremo coffee. The coffee is 100% Arabica USDA certified organic with a sweet tone and rich flavor.

Each year (this is the first year back since COVID-19) the Monterey Bay Foundation hosts the Sea Stars Brunch in support of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Its mission is “To inspire the public to protect Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary through participation in and support of sanctuary programs, projects, and partnerships”. We have joined this year with the Foundation in support of this mission and contribute to the efforts to protect the whales and other marine life in the Sanctuary. Join with us in supporting the Foundation’s efforts to protect this incredible resource for future generations.

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Happy WORLD OCEAN DAY for a Healthy Ocean

the power of the ocean

It’s World Ocean Day and a great reminder as to why WHALE BAY is embarking on a journey to create a company that can make meaningful contributions to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and other sanctuaries like it. These sanctuaries are amazingly beautiful and important, because they provide a safe habitat for wildlife, act as a laboratory for ocean research, are classrooms to educate the public, provide amazing recreation opportunities, and are an important part of the local economies.

At WHALE BAY, we are focused on the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, because it is a relatively short drive for us, and we have enjoyed much that it has to offer over the years. We are connected to it through our history, passion for the animals that live there, and our everyday weather. The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is one of 14 sanctuaries and 2 national marine monuments that are managed by NOAA and the National Marine Sanctuaries. The National Marine Sanctuaries cover over 600,000 square miles of marine waters around the United States including the Great Lakes and reaching to America Samoa. These protected underwater parks are much like the National Park system and have a huge diversity of habitats that include kelp forests, reefs, deep sea canyons and archeological sites like shipwrecks. We feel extremely lucky to be just a short drive away from the Monterey Bay. Check out this video from Blue Ocean provides a wonderful overview and a glimpse of what is under the water at the sanctuaries.

As we continue to blog more and spotlight the amazing creatures, you will find that there is so much more down there than you can imagine! Take a look at these guys!

Creating a safe habitat for animals and maintaining biodiversity is one major reason why these sanctuaries are so important, but their importance goes well beyond:

Safe Habitat for Wildlife

The sanctuaries are protected and therefore wildlife thrives. You can encounter dolphins, orcas, humpback feeding, and gray whales migrating from a whale watching boat or even from the beach. Sea otters, elephant seals, sea lions, and harbor seals are also abundant. See the large array of critters you can find in the sanctuary. Some you can’t see like the animals in the video above, because they live thousands of feet down. Even if they are out of sight out of mind, they are also extremely important to the well-being of the sanctuary.

Place for Scientific Research

There are approximately 50 research institutions in and around the sanctuary that do extremely important research on the health of the ocean, make exciting deep sea discoveries, look for ways to protect and heal the ocean, continue technology advancements for studying the ocean and educate the public.


You may not know, but underneath the water in the Monterey Bay is a canyon as deep as the Grand Canyon. The cold water upwelling from the canyon creates amazing food sources for many animals. The bay is considered the Serengeti of the ocean, because of the variety of species that come to live and feed there. Due to the accessibility, the sanctuary is an amazing classroom for kids and adults alike. Places like the Monterey Bay Aquarium are geared towards educating the public about the bay, but also are setting the foundation for the next generation of researchers and problem solvers.

Recreational Opportunities

We have always been drawn to the sanctuary. Although we live inland, we can feel the influence of the Pacific Ocean when the cool breeze and fog rolls in after scorching summer days. As often as we can, we head to the coast to cool off, take in the immense beauty, play at the beaches, go tide pooling, hiking, kayaking, visit the coastal towns, and take advantage of the myriad of wildlife viewing opportunities. If you don’t live nearby like we do, you can take advantage of the great hotels, bed and breakfasts, and camping spots to make a lifetime of memories.

Boost to Economy of Coastal Towns

With the amazing amount for recreational activities and tourism opportunities, the sanctuaries support important coastal economies. According to NOAA, $8 billion is being generated annually.

If you would like to know more about the National Marine Sanctuaries and how you can help, you can go to the NOAA Website and if you want to know more about Ocean Day, visit the World Ocean Day. Although Ocean Day is on June 8th, everyday can be ocean day. Don’t forget to limit plastics (reuse, reduce, and recycle), and next time you go to the beach, bring an extra paper bag or bucket and fill it with any garbage you find!

Lastly, we will be following up with much more information on amazing things you can do and see around the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary now almost 30 years into its existence. We’ll leave you with the 25th Anniversary Video for a little history on how it came to be. While you are watching this and other sanctuary videos, enjoy a great cup of coffee. May we suggest our WHALE BAY Colombian Supremo, a bold smooth roast and a portion of each sale goes to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, the local the local non-profit partner for NOAA’s Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

We would love to hear from you and come back soon!

Credits (NOAA)
-Blue Ocean

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Coffee May Reduce Heart Failure Risk by 5-30%

drinking coffee may reduce heart failure

Major Study Suggests

Increased consumption of coffee may reduce heart failure as described in a DAILY COFFEE NEWS article by Nick Brown. This article points to the meta-analysis recently published in American Heart Association journal that found “that drinking one or more cups of caffeinated coffee per day may be associated with a significantly decreased risk of heart failure”. There seems to be continued good news for coffee; is it a magic elixir?

The article describes the analysis from three major studies covering a ten year period involving more than 21,000 adults. The studies found that drinking one cup of coffee a day reduced the risk of heart failure from 5-12% and for those drinking two or more cups as much as 30%.

Heart Healthy Dietary Pattern

Even though the studies have been extensive and taken place over fairly long period of time, cause and effect has not been clearly established. However a Penn State cardiologist said that coffee in moderation can be part of a health dietary pattern with the caveat it is consumed without added sugar and cream. The potential added benefit from drinking caffeinated coffee comes in the wake of other studies indicating improved brain function, some protection against prostate and colon cancer, improved bone health, and prevention of type 2 diabetes . Check it out the for more details on the health effects of coffee.

Try That Second Cup

With the possibility that drinking coffee may reduce heart failure, give a second cup a try. Our Colombian Supremo Organic Coffee makes a delicious cup; give it a try. It also makes a great Cold-Brew.

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How Many Calories in Black Coffee

how many calories in black coffee

Calories Answered

This week’s article “How Many Calories in Black Coffee” in the DAILY COFFEE NEWS by Thomas Chandler answers this question. Over the past year of COVID-19, many of us have put on some additional unwanted weight. Has our coffee consumption contributed to that? Now the article talks about black coffee, not that which is loaded with our favorite flavor enhancers and cream. That might counteract the benefits described in the article. Most folks rightfully think that the calorie count in black coffee is pretty low, but there may be an added bonus.

Is it the Caffeine?

Well, as explained by Chandler, yes “the answer is caffeine”. A regular 8 ounce cup of coffee contains about 5 calories but it also contains about 100 milligrams of caffeine. These 100 milligrams of caffeine stimulate the metabolism which causes us to burn an extra “75 to 150 calories”. That works out to a negative 70 to 145 calories. As a popular commercial suggest “Eat the food, lose the weight”. In this case, drink coffee (black of course), get skinny. There is a caution here, if overdone like most things it might not bring the results desired. Check out the article.

Have a Cup of Coffee

So in conclusion, the next time you wonder “How Many Calories in Black Coffee” go ahead, have another. From a calorie point of view, It can’t hurt and might even help to fit into that pair of jeans. For great tasting black coffee try our Colombian Supremo, either ground or whole bean. We think you will like it as we do.

* Photo by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels