We value quality and craft, and we invite you to try our rich tasting micro roasted coffee. Each of our selections contain only USDA certified organic coffee beans, helping to sustain a cleaner planet for all of us.

We support whale conservation efforts in the
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Product Description

roasted coffee beans

Our Product

WHALE BAY craft roasted coffee is carefully selected by our team and dedicated small batch roaster to deliver the highest quality coffee and enjoyment to our customers. Each of our coffees are 100% organic Arabica and are certified Organic by the USDA. Our coffee beans are sourced directly from the growers building mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with individual producers and cooperatives ensuring the highest levels of quality and helping more people around the world get a fair living wage. To ensure long-lasting freshness all of our coffees are delivered in resealable packaging.

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Quality Experience

WHALE BAY Coffee is carefully curated for java lovers from all walks of life. The passion we exude for what we deliver is evident in the end product: a perfectly-smooth, evenly-roasted cup each and every time. We are committed to delivering that perfect roast to ensure a premium coffee drinking experience. Our assortment of bold, rich flavors come in different strengths and roasts. Sip it slow or grab one on the go, enjoy it hot or over ice. We are here to make your day extraordinary. 

Our Focus

Our Mission

We aim to build a community of advocates for the Ocean and to financially aid organizations whose purpose is to protect, conserve, clean and heal our ocean habitats for the wildlife that lives there using profits from the sale of WHALE BAY’s environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

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Our Values

WHALE BAY values family and it is important to us to leave this place better than we found it. Through WHALE BAY, we believe we can create a great legacy for our family of WHALE BAY customers, one of community and environmental stewardship. The larger we can grow Team WHALE BAY, the greater impact we can all have. We are passionate about this.

Our Brand

WHALE BAY takes great pride in bringing you our premium, FDA Organic, and sustainably grown coffee.

WHALE BAY is more than coffee and more than a brand to us. Our brand is a symbol for a cleaner and healthier ocean–our symbol for a brighter future.